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Get the Social Security Benefits You Have Earned!

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Have you been denied Social Security or SSI Disability benefits?

If you are looking for an experienced, knowledgeable attorney in the Salinas Valley, Monterey Peninsula or Central Valley who will vigorously fight for your rights, then Robert Ishikawa can help. With over 35 years representing claimants with their Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income disability claims, Mr. Ishikawa can help you obtain the best results.

As a local attorney, Mr. Ishikawa knows the area courts, has worked with the San Jose area judges that oversee the cases in Monterey County and the Central Valley, and can navigate the process more efficiently. And unlike the national firms, Mr. Ishikawa himself represents you in court…not a nameless stranger who flies into town.

Mr. Ishikawa and his staff help thousands of disabled people obtain the Social Security benefits they have earned. It pays to have an intelligent, vigorous legal team working for you. You deserve nothing less.

  • Social Security

  • SSI Disability

  • Fast And Free initial consultation

  • No Recovery – No Fee


Get On With life. We'll Deal With The Government.

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